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WWWT supplies all the required VSAT equipment to provide services to its end customers. The configuration of VSAT equipment depends on the service, requested bandwidth, remote location and climate  as well as SLA requirements.
The common
VSAT equipment
 package required for establishing a bi-directional
satellite communications
  channels between the chosen remote site and the WWWT satellite network has the following components:
Antenna reflector, full Rx/Tx certified by the satellite operator
Feed/OMT (Orthomode Transducer)
SSPA Block Upconverter
L-Band Satellite Modem
Cables and Accessories Package
WORLD WIDE WALKIE TALKIE uses both C and Ku frequency bands to deliver its iDirect, SCPC, DVB-S2 and LinkStar services worldwide, as well as employing additional platform-specific equipment VSAT services. Each VSAT connection is considered on an individual basis. We allow subscribers to connect using 3rd party or even used VSAT equipment packages after full approval based on submitted ESDF (Earth Station Data Form) and complete Link Budget Analysis. Additional photographic assessment of components may be requested for 3rd party used VSAT equipment connections.
Additional Information
VSAT Internet equipment packages provided by WWWT have IP routers built inside modems such as iDirect and LinkStar, providing hot Ethernet connections for your local network. Point-to-Point satellite connectivity services based on traditional SCPC technology require an external IP router with a serial card to interface V.35, EIA-232, G.703 or Serial LVDS on the SCPC satellite modem. We always recommend Cisco routers to assure full interoperability with the teleport-based equipment. VSAT equipment packages based on iDirect modems running in the iSCPC mode allows Ethernet connections with no additional hardware required.
In addition to VSAT equipment supply, WWWT provides the following services:
Worldwide Logistics
Warranty/RMA Assistance
Local VSAT Earth Station Installation and Maintenance
Network Engineering, including Bandwidth Management and Optimization Solutions
VoIP over Satellite Service Integration
VSAT Equipment Related Consultancy