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WWWT has launched a dedicated bandwidth VSAT solution covering the MENA region based on Ku-band IO satellites.
Advantage  IP VSAT provides coverage to more than 18 countries in the Middle East  and parts of CIS and Asia, including Iraq and Afghanistan. With the new  SLA-enabled service primarily designed to provide IP backbone  connectivity for Internet Service Providers and Enterprise customers,  BusinessCom has introduced satellite Internet access to these regions at  unprecedented pricing.
 Advantage IP VSAT service  is based on the DVB-S2  standard, with ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) delivering up to 52  Mbps IP throughput per terminal, with the ability to bond multiple  terminals together. Whenever high order modulation can be used, the  throughput can be further increased up to 133 Mbps per terminal. The  Advantage IP VSAT service is available in both bi-directional receive  and transmit and receive-only configurations, seamlessly integrating  with existing terrestrial IP uplinks.
he  Advantage IP VSAT customer premise equipment (CPE) kit features an   easy-to-install motorized antenna, with a relatively small footprint   compared to traditional IO satellite tracking hardware. The system   automatically aligns and stays aligned to the target satellite, without   the need to deploy, and possibly redeploy, a licensed installer. The  CPE  is designed to provide single button satellite acquisition and   automatic reacquisition in the harshest of environments, minimizing   initial deployment and recurring maintenance expenditures.
Advantage IP VSAT CPE also includes a high performance Layer 7 l  appliance that provides QoS, Network Intrusion Detection Remote  Administration, caching and on the fly traffic ssion  capabilities. This significantly increases satellite dth  efficiency compared to traditional VSAT systems.  By ng the IP  bandwidth optimization and IO satellite pricing, the age IP VSAT  is a very high performance, dedicated satellite access  solution.
NEW Advantage IP VSAT service
Innovative equipment approach
The  Advantage IP VSAT customer premise equipment (CPE) is based on a    tri-axial predictive tracking design that makes the motorized antenna    easy to install and maintain. The solution supports IP throughputs up   to  133 Mbps Rx and 20 Mbps Tx per terminal, with the ability to bond   multiple terminals together to achieve even higher broadband rates.
Service Availability:
Africa, Europe, Middle East, Americas, Asia
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