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Cellular Backhaul
Mobile operators are now in the position to offer their services in increasingly remote locations with no loss of service or voice quality thanks to enhanced satellite networks.
Reaching further to expand market opportunities
Globally mobile operators are finding it harder to penetrate any more  deeply into their core home markets. However, they are now developing new strategies to reach out to an estimated 2.2 billion people with little or limited access to mobile services and the rich applications that we take for granted. In many areas where a traditional infrastructure is limited satellite connectivity is the only option for transporting voice and data traffic to and from the population. The use of VSAT technology in remote locations has seen incredible growth over the past few years and this is mainly due to cellular backhaul.
10 good reasons for cellular backhaul via satellite
Overcomes  the lack of existing infrastructure
Cost efficient deployment
Rapid rollout of services
Increased service coverage
Enables full range of IP services from fixed telephony to advanced data
Introduction of IP has enabled a new wave of bandwidth reduction
Rural telecommunications are becoming profitable
Urban areas are reaching the saturation point
The average revenue per subscriber continues to fall in urban areas
The younger generation demands media rich applications even in remote locations
Recent studies have shown that the vast majority of new subscribers to mobile services come from the emerging markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. This is because the demand for connectivity is high and an inherent lack of reliable legacy communication platforms forces potential users to look at the mobile offering. For the average user in these areas a mobile phone is their first and only way to get connected to the outside world and loyalty to the first provider is high.
In fact, Asia, Africa and Latin America are seen as the new battlegrounds for global mobile operators to build new networks and continue to grow away from saturated home markets. WWWT’s Cellular backhaul technologies in these areas provide the wireless operator with the technology to be more profitable and to be able to reach out into ever more remote markets and increase their subscriber base.
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