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From the Americas to the Pacific, our core business is to provide your organization with satellite broadband Internet access and connectivity to international IP backbones. This enables all your locations, no matter how remote, to be connected to your corporate network at all times and ensures that your business is running smoothly and efficiently on a daily basis

Our Committment

World Wide Walkie Talkie is committed to supplying you with the best integrated business network solutions and turn-key projects that the current technology allows. Our success is founded on the most advanced satellite connectivity solutions available and our highly skilled engineers are continually updating their knowledge to ensure that we, as a leading supplier of satellite Internet solutions, are always at the cutting edge of satellite technology. We are proud of our vendor independence. This independence allows us the flexibility to design custom solutions that are tailored just for you and also ensures that we continue to maintain the highest standards of technical excellence and customer service.?

Our Goal

Our goal is to make satellite Internet access available to the broadest range of users. Constant market research and our continued investment in new technologies bring knowledge and expertise into our portfolio and we believe that this is a key component in our success and growth. This knowledge and expertise creates a strong understanding of international and local markets and creates a rich corporate environment that is ideal for creative thinking and innovative solutions..



What We Do