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Hubless Mesh Networks
WWWT Hubless Mesh solutions are designed to provide narrowband and broadband satellite IP communication channels between multiple points on Earth - via single hop. This enables real-time low latency voice, video and data applications via satellite with guaranteed quality of service.
Key features
WWWT’S  Hubless Mesh networks provide a TDMA carrier that is shared among multiple remote VSAT sites. The remotes are granted receive/transmit access to the carrier to exchange information. The bandwidth is allocated to remotes in real-time on demand basis, and any unused bandwidth goes back to the carrier and can be re-used by other remotes. The solution features an integrated IP router providing Ethernet access to the local hardware at remotes. The minimal network can be deployed with a few hundred kHz worth of satellite capacity and can be scaled to multiple Mbps, depending on the link budget analysis and climate conditions.
The key features of WWWT’S
 Hubless Mesh networks are:
Single carrier, TDMA full mesh technology
Low latency single hop connectivity between remotes
Narrowband and broadband IP applications
High performance service and skilled 24/7 technical support
High order modulations and efficient LDPC FEC
 Sentinel and PEP bandwidth optimization solutions
Service Availability:
Africa, Europe, Middle East, Americas, Asia
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