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WWWT offers custom tailored maritime VSAT solution that delivers broadband, unlimited traffic connectivity with guaranteed quality of service. Available on Ku and C-Band satellites, the solution supports always-on Internet access, long distance telephone calls and HD videoconferencing virtually anywhere.
Open Standards
Compatible with Sea Tel, Orbit, Intellian and other hardware
Voice over IP Service
Long distance telephone calls
guaranteed QoS
Managed Solution
Installation, Maintenance and Support
Maritime VSAT
 WWWT’S maritime solution is a premium VSAT connectivity service designed for cruise & ferry, fishing, leisure, offshore and shipping industries. The VSAT service and hardware  is custom tailored to the customer's actual connectivity requirements, including customized QoS profiles, IP addressing schemes, secure encrypted MPLS/IP VPN tunnels to headquarters, IPLC circuits, on-board remotely managed bandwidth management, NIDS, filtering, captive portals and many other advanced networking services. Our service delivers data rates from 64 kbps to 20 Mbps and supports all data, voice and video applications.
Among the primary advantages of  our maritime solution is the on-board Sentinel management and optimization appliance that allows to exercise full control and define multiple access levels for how the satellite service is used. This enables WWWT’S network operations center (NOC) to manage on-board network and deliver guaranteed quality of service for selected users and applications on 24/7 basis. The Sentinel appliance also provides critical Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) optimization and compression service that delivers up to 50% bandwidth savings, if compared to legacy VSAT systems.