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2-Way Satellite Internet
WWWT provides two way satellite Internet access services (sometimes referred as 2 way satellite internet worldwide) with global coverage of the entire Eastern Hemisphere of our planet, and recently expanded to Americas via Telesat Telstar-12 PanAm Ku-Band beam.
Introduction - How it Works
These two way satellite services employ bi-directional receive/transmit satellite links, connecting remotely located subscribers directly to a terrestrial teleport facility in Europe or United States. The teleport routes the connection further to the Public IP space or a privately owned network. This allows us to provide satellite broadband Internet access as well as quickly deploying 2 way satellite networks to virtually any point in the world, avoiding the local bind to telecommunications infrastructure
 In order to provide 2 way satellite Internet access we employ a number of highly efficient TDMA and FDMA platforms, including ViaSat LinkStar and iDirect as well as traditional SCPC and DVB-S2 based systems. We support all known topologies, including Star, full Mesh and hybrid Star/Mesh to fit perfectly with any two way satellite connectivity requirements and support IP voice, video and data traffic. BusinessCom services range from DTH (Direct-to-Home), SOHO and go up to carrier-grade backbones, including NGOs, banks, hospitals, enterprise clients, Internet service providers, VoIP carriers, videoconferencing bridges, WAN networks, military welfare and recreation facilities, governmental organizations - such as embassies and many others. World Wide Walkie Talkie works with clients on an individual basis to ensure the best network configuration.